Erik Ryan

Vice President of Client Services

Erik Ryan

As Vice President of Client Services, Erik Ryan oversees the Vimly Benefit Solutions Account Management Team; where his dedicated mentoring and support of the staff ensures the utmost care of our clients, their employers, valued employees and members. A significant part of Erik’s efforts involves deepening our relationships with our clients keeping them apprised of our new products and technology advancements to ensure they are continuously adding value to the market. 

Joining the team in 2004 as our General Manager, Erik occupied the role for nearly a decade. Continuing to diversify his skillset, Erik briefly left to manage an Employee Benefits Planning practice for a large regional insurance brokerage firm in 2013. Before Vimly, Erik held management roles in Finance, Marketing, and Regional Sales with Kenworth Truck Company under PACCAR.

Boomeranging back in late 2015, Erik transitioned to our Client Services team where he proudly continues to support unprecedented client retention.

In line with our CEO’s vision, Erik believes customer service is everything and anything that touches a customer, whether directly or indirectly. Partnering with Customer Success, Erik encourages the organization to view customer service as an opportunity to exceed customer expectations and bring heart to the Vimly brand and our customers. Erik believes customer service is so much more than just solving problems or addressing complaints. Customer Service is part of a holistic experience that is capable of providing a critical competitive advantage for our customers and their members.

A Seattle native, Erik has lived on both US coasts as well as the Heartland. Having studied business and accounting at Pacific Lutheran University, Erik began practicing as a CPA shortly after achieving his Bachelor of Business Administration.