Melissa Pickell

Director, People & Culture

Melissa Pickell

In Melissa’s role as Director of People and Culture, she oversees the design and implementation of HR initiatives and strategies that enable Vimly to recruit, retain, and engage our talented workforce. Melissa's vision for HR as a strategic advantage rather than an administrative branch of the organization has been critical to supporting employee satisfaction and growth.

Melissa is a 25-year veteran of the insurance industry, having worked previously at Premera Blue Cross and Regence BlueShield in HR and management roles. She joined the Vimly family in 2006, where she leveraged her extensive leadership experience with a large team as a key Client Account Manager. Recognized for her continued passion, vast experience in helping others, and strong desire to return to HR, she was a natural fit as our HR leader.

Under Melissa’s leadership, Vimly has developed and executed organizational transformations within HR and established a clear vision for supporting the complex HR needs of the future as we grow.

Melissa has redefined HR within Vimly as a competitive advantage by delivering on her vision for our organization to hire the smartest and most talented people on the market who fit our Vimly way. Our HR philosophy is to empower people to do their jobs, encourage them to ask “why,” and inspire them to contribute to our organization with a higher purpose than checking a box on their job description. When all of this happens, we end up with employees who help one another, add energy to every conversation, have fun, and push the envelope of what’s possible. Our HR philosophies allow Vimly to reap the benefits of engaged people who enjoy coming to the office every day