Enrollment & Eligibility
Enrollment & Eligibility

Our online benefits enrollment solution ensures data accuracy from start to finish.

Vimly Benefit Solutions enrollment and eligibility system has evolved to support the most complex plans and product offerings from our carrier partners. We’ve doubled down on technology because we know clean and accurate data is foundational to all downstream and supporting systems.   

When paired with the SIMON product suite, employees and employers benefit from a consolidated enrollment experience that supports all products and carriers. Our platform ensures all eligibility rules are enforced, qualifying life events are validated, and ultimately clean data is transmitted so your members can have access to their benefits when and where they need them.


  • Electronic new group installation
  • Passive or positive group renewals
  • Underwriting and eligibility rules enforced
  • Support for a multitude of benefit and regulatory programs
  • Secure bi-directional integrations
  • Employee self service
  • Approval, exception handling, and audit capabilities
  • eSignature
  • Address verification
  • Robust reports
  • Historical eligibility tracking
  • Retroactivity management
  • Reconciliation

The platform supports enrollment for an unlimited number of plans, premium structures, rules, and coverage types (i.e., medical, dental, vision, life, and disability benefits, consumer directed health plans, employee assistance programs, and other ancillary and voluntary benefit programs).