Compliance Services

Our Employee Benefits Compliance Program Keeps You Up To Date.

There are countless rules and regulations governing employee benefit plans, many of which are complex and thorny. The Vimly compliance team continuously monitors regulatory changes across the employee benefits arena and provides timely information, updates, and support to our clients. 

Our SIMON Platform has been built to support a wide variety of compliance communications. SIMON tracks receipt of communications as well as user acknowledgment. We are working hard to help employers stay on top of their compliance obligations.

Our Compliance Program includes robust auditing processes, secure storage, and retention of all data and documents, as well as ongoing compliance and privacy training for our workforce to ensure adherence to industry best practices and all applicable regulations.

Services include:

  • HIPAA Privacy
  • ACA – Health Care Reform
  • DOL
  • IRS
  • Mandated state insurance requirements
  • Other legislation and regulations
  • COBRA Administration Services