Friendly tools for retirement planning and submitting claims.

Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (MERPs) provide retirees and other beneficiaries a monthly benefit for qualified medical expenses. While other vendors try to manage the complexities of these accounts in spreadsheets, we offer a secure and highly configurable platform that supports a wide range of MERP plans and benefit structures. SIMON® for MERPs enables clients to design plans that meet their financial objectives, while also providing a way for their members to access these benefits in SIMON to submit claims, estimate retirement benefits, manage beneficiaries, and view contributions and account balances.

Additional Details: Tax-Favored Retiree Medical Expense Reimbursement Trusts

22 MERP calculator - browser.1

Allow active employees to plan for their retirement by estimating their future benefit.

23 MERP Dashboard - browser SVG

Users can view their employee account balances at any time and track monthly gains and losses via SIMON.

21 MERP add expense - browser SVG

Benefit eligible members can use SIMON for MERPs to conveniently upload claims forms online.



  • Pooled and Individual Employee Accounts (gains/losses allocation)
  • Supports numerous monthly contribution funding strategies and complex plan rules
  • Fixed-, graduated-, accelerated-, and service unit-based (ASUs) retirement benefits
  • Sick leave and vacation conversion
  • Retirement calculators
  • Survivor benefits
  • Submit claims and view retirement benefits online
  • COBRA administration

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