Benefits administration integrations for greater choice and satisfaction powered by Vimly DataBridge™.

Nothing is more critical than secure data handshakes between two organizations. Vimly is integrated with over 155 health plans, ancillary carriers, benefit and service providers, and has over 200,000 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmissions under our belt, all powered by Vimly DataBridge™.

We emphasize security, quality, and efficiency. To do so, we deploy our integration teams, who are both technical and industry experts. More often than not, they work as consultants with our partners to ensure all parties are delivering high-quality data with minimal operating costs and administrative burdens. 

With over three decades of working with various partners, we have yet to find a partner we couldn’t integrate with.


  • Speed
  • Streamlined processes
  • Accuracy
  • Expenses eliminated
  • Costs minimized
  • Real-time transactions
  • Access to suppliers & customers
  • Up-to-date information
  • Better business relationships


  • Traditional multi and single-employer 834s
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Web services and APIs
  • Standard flat files and proprietary formats
  • Real-time and batch processes
  • Any frequency
  • Robust and flexible reconciliation processes
  • Address verification

No matter your delivery preference, our team will get the job done.