SIMON for Employers

With automated tools and minimal touchpoints, we streamline benefits administration for employers.

The SIMON® Employer Portal places control in the right hands: yours. Customized to the unique needs of each business, HR professionals can rest easy knowing their employees are guided through the entire benefits enrollment process with an effortless experience that can be accessed from any device. 

Easy: An intuitive enrollment and billing experience across all carriers and plans.

Transparent: All changes—whether processed by HR, employees, or the Vimly Support team—are tracked within the Activity Stream, so HR doesn’t have to figure out what happened and when.

Flexible: No one size fits all here. SIMON allows you to customize enrollment processes, documents, business rules, and communications. 

With in-platform messaging, on-demand reporting, and document management tools, HR users spend less time mired in paper applications and more time building employee engagement programs.

With automated tools and minimal touchpoints, we streamline benefits enrollment and make every task a breeze to execute. It’s all quick and easy.

7 Dashboard - Browser SVG

Track open enrollment periods, employee activity, user logins, billing status, alerts, plus more live stats in the dashboard. See which employees completed their enrollment, view their progress, then review and approve their selections. The dashboard allows the HR professional to be in complete control.

8 Billing - Browser SVG

The billing dashboard provides cost breakdowns across all carriers and lines of coverage. HR professionals now have a single viewpoint for their data and greater insight into their expenses. Employee benefits are one of an employer's largest expenses, so it’s important to stay informed and in control!

9 Reports - Browser SVG

SIMON includes reports to detail payroll cost-shares for each product, show employee activity, create Medical Coverage (ACA) summaries, and more. Users can run reports on-demand or schedule them to run automatically. It’s all in your hands.

3 Dashboard - tablet.1

SIMON products are built for 100% responsive design. All users can enroll in benefits on any device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Whether you are on-the-go or in the office, SIMON is right there with you.

11 Census Import - Browser SVG

During open enrollment or when hiring many employees at once, employers can upload a file to start the enrollment experience. Employees are notified when it's time to enroll, and the employer is notified when everything is done.

SIMON for Employers


  • Renewal and auto renewal
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Life event changes
  • Advanced contribution strategies
  • Employee engagement tracking
  • Comprehensive product set
  • Oversight and change approval
  • Business rule enforcement
  • Data transmission to all carriers
  • Flexible eligibility classes
  • One bill for all carriers and plans
  • Bill status and notifications
  • Multiple formats (i.e., dashboard, excel, PDF)
  • Bill transparency tools
  • Bank account management
  • Consolidated COBRA
  • Paper or paperless options
  • Activity Report
  • Census Report
  • SIMON User Report
  • Payroll Report
  • Roster Report
  • Membership Change Report
  • Medical Coverage Report (ACA)
  • Communication Read Receipts (compliance reports)
  • Customize your communications
  • Read-receipt reports for employees
  • Send compliance notifications
  • Billing reminders
  • Enrollment change approval email
  • Regulatory compliance notices
  • Digital document storage
  • Employee user access management
  • Configurable employee change permissions
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) to complementary tools
  • Integrated COBRA
  • Default “launchpad” Tiles
  • Multi-factor authentication

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