Third-Party Administrators

Our Technology. Your Service Model.

Traditional Third-Party Administration (TPA) services most often involve the processing of insurance claims and supporting certain aspects of employee benefit plans that may include customer service, enrollment & eligibility, billing, underwriting, provider networks, and utilization review.

Many TPAs are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with technology and provide new value to their customers. Vimly® Benefit Solutions’ was founded as a non-claim paying Third-Party Administrator in 1993. Our focus has always been to provide technology that can enable and support complex enrollment, eligibility, and billing. Over the years, we have continued to invest in our proprietary technology and have evolved our business model. We now provide our healthcare solutions to companies who need to supplement their core capabilities to compete in today’s market.

Our solutions can generate new revenue streams, increase profits through new customer acquisition, and reduce your operating expenses.

Our SIMON product suite and platform are designed to support new group quoting and renewal activities, enrollment/eligibility, member maintenance, data exchange (EDI), consolidated billing, premium collection, and premium disbursements.

Our technology is delivered via our turn-key and modular suite. Deploying our team of technology and industry experts allows you to focus on your core capabilities.

  • Flexible integration with carriers and service providers
  • Consolidated billing
  • Premium payments
  • Maximize opportunities created by regulatory changes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • One-stop shop platform
  • Supports all stakeholders

At Vimly, we help Third-Party Administrators get there faster.