Private Exchanges

Your Store. Your Products. Our Technology.

Private exchanges have experienced steady growth over the years by making themselves a high-value alternative worth consideration from employers. To be highly successful, private exchanges must offer a suite of products and a technology platform capable of supporting all of the unique needs of their customers.

As a baseline, the solution they provide to market must support advanced funding strategies (i.e., defined contribution and defined benefit), self-service with engagement tools, a plethora of benefit options (i.e., core, supplemental, and voluntary), employer transparency tools, and Electronic Data Interchange(EDI).

Because private exchanges are a choice, they need to offer significant time savings, innovative products, and competitive pricing.

At Vimly® Benefit Solutions, our products and platform were architected from day one to support business models which parallel private exchanges. When you partner with a technology and service solution that is dedicated to staying ahead of “up and coming” products like transit, parking, accident and other innovative plans and bundling options, you'll never be behind with your product offerings. 

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