COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration Services: When employees leave, we are there.

Our goal is to give former employees a positive experience when they need COBRA benefits and to provide employers peace of mind. We offer a full-service COBRA administration solution that keeps regulators, employers, and separated employees satisfied.

Our experts help ensure compliance with all federally-mandated aspects of COBRA. We monitor regulatory changes and provide solutions that help protect employers and COBRA qualified beneficiaries from costly mistakes.

This includes tracking and managing changes to coverage, providing ongoing communication, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our services are simple, automatic, and headache-free. Employers can be highly involved or hands-off, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Integrated COBRA Administration services can be a key value add of an Association Health Plan (AHP) offering. Additionally, for association employers who choose to administer COBRA in-house, our enrollment and consolidated billing solution still provides meaningful COBRA support.

Services include:

  • Dedicated Customer Service and Support Team 
  • Election Notices Generated Based on Qualifying Events 
  • Termination From COBRA Notifications 
  • Annual Open Enrollment Communications and Premium Rate Change Notifications 
  • Process Enrollment Changes and Benefit Elections 
  • Bill Enrollees and Reconcile Premiums 
  • Process Premium Payments 
  • Provide Carriers COBRA Eligibility (transmissions) and Premiums Collected

Our proprietary COBRA technology is part of the same one-stop-shop platform that manages your benefits programs. Having this built into our core technology facilitates accuracy and timeliness. COBRA member information is in the same safe place as active employee enrollment and eligibility data. 

We include and identify COBRA members in the data exchange files as well as the insurance premium submissions to all health plans and ancillary carriers. We manage all of this, saving time and worry for HR professionals.

Regulatory Compliance Services

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