Health Plans

Health Plan Administration: Reduce Costs. Expand Distribution. Create New Business Models.

Health Plans face growing pressures as market dynamics change. Consumers expect a better end-to-end experience. Innovative products and services must be created, New distribution models need to be deployed.  Administrative costs need to be reduced. And legacy systems need to be retired or extended.

More than ever, adopting technology innovation is critical to the success of a health plan. 

Vimly's platform is a healthcare technology solution that can transform a health plan’s business model, facilitate new revenue streams, create new distribution channels, and increase profits through new customer acquisitions, engagement, and increased persistency while reducing operating expenses.

Our SIMON product suite and platform are designed to support your pre and post sales workflows and technology needs across all group market segments. SIMON supports new group quoting and renewal activities, underwriting, enrollment/eligibility, member maintenance, data exchange (EDI), consolidated billing, premium collection, and premium disbursements.

Our technology is delivered via our turn-key and modular suite with low-cost investment and high customer satisfaction. Deploying our team of technology and industry experts allows you to focus on your core capabilities.

Having a unified experience for both your internal teams and external distribution partners and clients positions you as a platform and market leader.