New Network Requirements for SIMON®

Announcement: New network requirements for SIMON

Vimly is updating the network requirements for SIMON to include new domains starting January 15, 2024. This will ensure continued reliability and stability.

To ensure SIMON runs correctly in your web browser, have your network administrator (or IT department) allow these domains:

  • *
  • *

If you use a test or sandbox account, you’ll also need to allow these domains:

  • *

If you don't have an IT department or a network administrator, or you've never set up a firewall for filtering internet traffic on your network, you likely do not need to take any action. SIMON will run in your browser as normal.

No. Unfortunately, our provider can't provide a list of static IP ranges for the domains listed. You’ll need to allow communication to these domains.

On your SIMON sign-in page, you can Contact Support. We’ll help you out!