Not all benefit administrators are the same

Not all benefit administrators are the same

Not all providers are the same, especially when serving multi-employer markets like MEWAs, Associations, Trusts, PEOs, Health Plans, etc. 

The multi-employer markets have unique needs when it comes to benefits administration.

If you are a multi-employer arrangement, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my current BenAdmin vendor trying to force my multi-employer arrangement to fit into a solution specifically made for a single enterprise employer?
  • Is my recently acquired BenAdmin vendor going to spend resources chasing after big enterprise client needs, neglecting to meet the needs of my SMB employers that I service through my business?
  • What explicitly does my BenAdmin vendor do to meet my needs from a multi-employer perspective?

Vimly was founded 30 years ago to meet this specific market's needs. We are helping many other multi-employer arrangements like you to streamline processes and remove complexity related to benefits administration – specifically enrollment, inbound and outbound eligibility, consolidated billing, payment collection, reconciliation, and disbursement with a best-in-class partner retention rate of 99%.

Reach out to us and find out how we are uniquely built to meet the needs of your multi-employer arrangement.