Vimly Benefit Solutions Certified as a Women-Owned Business

Vimly Benefit Solutions was recently certified as a Women-Owned Business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). But when Shannon Jurdana and her business partner started Benefit Solutions, Inc. (as it was named in 1993), there were few organizations to support female entrepreneurs. And there was another challenge. Though equipped with deep industry knowledge, neither had started a business before. Despite this, the two founders pressed forward, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a single mission: To simplify the complexities of benefits administration. 

According to Shannon, Vimly President and CEO, the journey was not an easy one, especially in the early days. Developing technology and services to simplify the benefits industry and tackle rising healthcare costs was no small task. But they were undeterred. “Fortunately, we were a highly agile company from the very beginning and were able to develop solutions for our customers very quickly,” said Shannon. “Having the ability to rapidly support the changing needs of our customers is still foundational to who we are today.” 

Over time the company grew, establishing their headquarters near Seattle. It was there where they continued to enhance their products and services, earning a stellar reputation and a sizeable list of clients. According to Shannon, there were three primary reasons for their success. “We grew the business by building products that anticipated industry changes. We invested wisely in innovations that would help our customers achieve even greater success. And I surrounded myself with exceptional people.” 

Fast forward 27 years and things have changed. Benefit Solutions is now called Vimly Benefit Solutions. They have grown to over 135 employees. There is a cadre of new leadership, each one bringing unique strengths from various industries. Vimly is expanding nationally and providing new cloud-based products that allow for greater scalability. And Vimly continues to invest aggressively in its proven benefits administration platform as they position themselves for significant growth in the small-to-medium business market. 

Throughout 27 years of growth and change, certain things have remained constant. Vimly is still a forward-looking company delivering high quality products to tens of thousands of employers. And Shannon Jurdana is still at the helm of this growing company—a President and CEO with even greater clarity and commitment to lower the cost of healthcare. “I am so grateful for organizations like WBENC who provide women entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to help them realize their dreams.”  

About Vimly Benefit Solutions
At Vimly Benefit Solutions, our mission is to simplify the complexities of workforce and benefits administration. Our suite of innovative solutions and services simplify the entire benefits experience, create greater efficiencies, expand market possibilities, and help our partners address the cost and quality challenges in today’s healthcare ecosystem.