Marc Palmer

Chief Commercial Officer

Marc Palmer

Marc will lead and support Vimly's client services, customer success, sales, marketing, revenue operations, and mergers and acquisitions for Vimly.  

Marc is a seasoned healthcare executive with a history of growing and scaling teams to exceed big goals and deliver next-level results. He is highly energetic, passionate, results-oriented, cares about people, and is a change leader.  

Marc's expertise is creating data-driven decision-making frameworks that translate strategic visions into profitable operations. He has a track record of developing both strong leaders and teams.

Before joining Vimly, Marc spent 15 years at Express Scripts, Inc., leading sales and creating new departments. He was CEO of ConnectYourCare and inVentiv Health and Chief Operating Officer at SS&C Health and Stonebrook Risk Solutions.

Marc lives in Denver, Colorado, and likes to bike and golf, and he has recently taken up pickleball.