Shannon Jurdana

CEO and Board Director

Shannon Jurdana

Meet Shannon

Shannon Jurdana is a tech-savvy visionary and health insurance executive whose innovation, passion, and multifaceted aptitude have earned her the reputation as an industry leader.

Shannon co-founded Vimly Benefit Solutions in 1993 and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In 2012, she acquired full ownership of the company, and her leadership has been key to the company’s growth and transformation to a healthcare-focused technology and service company. In 2015, she graduated from the Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program.

Shannon began her career as a software engineer in the healthcare technology space over 30 years ago. Before founding Vimly, she was responsible for technology and application services at a boutique benefits administration firm.

Shannon and her partner launched Benefit Solutions, Inc. (now Vimly) with the vision to deliver benefits in a better way, through innovative technology and high touch service. The company was immediately successful with their strategy, and they steadily grew the firm over the years, ultimately becoming the largest administrator of Association Health Plans (AHPs) in the PNW.

Since inception, Vimly has grown to serve over 25,000 small to mid-sized businesses. Our vision and passion for taking care of our customers and partners is reflected in our customer retention. Shannon continues to drive growth and scale nationally through continuous investments and the power of SaaS-based technology. Over the years, her passion for innovation, technology, and product grows, as she is driven to simplify how benefits are delivered, and positively impact employees lives.

Shannon is an active member of various CEO networks, her business has been featured in Forbes, and in 2015 the company won an Association of Washington Business (AWB) Better Business Award.

Vimly has been recognized as a Top 25 women-owned business in Seattle for the past two years. As a further demonstration of her leadership and dedication to helping other businesses succeed, she also sits on numerous industry and technology boards. She has been Vice President of the Northwest Association of Administrators for over a decade and is a board member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for Greater Seattle. She is happily married to her husband Todd, has two teenage daughters, a chocolate lab and resides in the greater Seattle area.