We've Rebranded!

Embracing Our Future. Honoring Our Past.

We’re excited to announce that Benefit Solutions, Inc. (BSI) is now Vimly Benefit Solutions. Some may wonder why we’ve changed. Admittedly, it’s been a considerable undertaking. For us, it was an opportunity to create a turning point in our business; to embrace who we are while moving towards an even brighter future. It’s also a reflection of a changing healthcare benefits landscape and our desire to evolve and remain at the forefront of this industry. The name itself comes from the word “vim” which means “energy and enthusiasm.” As a name, it perfectly expresses our outlook, personality, and passion for what we can help our partners achieve with our technology and services.

At the same time, we will remain true to who we’ve always been—a benefits technology and service company that is fully committed to the success of each customer. It is for this reason, we kept Benefit Solutions in the name. Our brand may have changed, but the fundamental values and mission that have defined us for over 25 years are core to our identity and will remain the same.

We are excited by the new name and hope you are too. But what motivates us even more are the opportunities to serve you well; to help you overcome the complexities of benefits administration and to move with vim and vigor towards a future full of possibility.