HRTech Series: Improving Mental Health Support In SMBs Through Advanced HRtech And Benefits Administration Technology

Our CCO, Marc Palmer, recently authored an article published in the HRTech Series.

The spotlight on mental health has never been more intense in the modern workplace. Companies are recognizing the growing need to support their employees’ mental well-being, yet despite their best efforts, many team members are still grappling with the relentless demands of long hours, limited job control, and pervasive occupational burnout. These stressors fuel the ongoing labor shortage and contribute to a nationwide mental health crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic magnified these issues, blurring professional and personal life boundaries. As financial worries, cultural shifts, and escalating stress levels compound the situation, prioritizing mental health within workplace policies is no longer optional—it is essential for the future of work.

Fortunately, recent research provides a silver lining: Many businesses are acting on prioritizing the mental health of their employees. More than seven out of ten workers (71%) reported in an American Psychological Association survey that they feel their employers place greater emphasis on employee mental well-being than in the past. While this is a step forward, small businesses often struggle to ensure employees have easy access to mental health benefits.

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