On-Demand Webinar: Critical Steps in the Employer Journey: Quote, Card, Consolidated Billing

Employers expect purchasing, procuring, and service efficiencies from all their suppliers, and why wouldn’t they, as e-commerce isn’t a new concept anymore. This expectation also applies to their employee health insurance and supplemental benefits supplier. Employers should be able to select benefit offerings for their employees in real-time utilizing intuitive comparison and cost modeling tools.

Pricing and binding transactions should be in real-time, not weeks later, after numerous back and forth exchanges to gather and clarify information. Just as you would expect with any other online purchase, the product should be available to you in real-time; and in the case of health insurance, that means ID cards in real-time. An employer should also expect to be able to pay a single, consolidated bill for all the benefit products purchased and not have to reconcile multiple bills and membership rosters.

Hear from our President and CEO, Shannon Jurdana, and our VP of Product, Tiffany Hudspeth, as they discuss the specific challenges and real-world solutions to meet the end-to-end employer journey.

Some topics they discuss include:

  • What is required to make quoting intuitive and drive adoption
  • How to remove the system and organizational barriers to automated coverage approval and real-time ID card generation
  • The ROI and value add of consolidated billing to both the health insurance plan and the employer

The live webinar was hosted by AHIP.