Ebook: What Are Your Top Benefits Challenges?

The Challenges

Administering benefits is complicated. Enrollment and renewals. Billing and payment. Accurate data management. Compliance and security. Whether you’re an Association Health Plan, School District, or Trust, the challenges can be daunting. But ignoring them can be more costly than you think. In this infographic, we present the top challenges for those managing benefits. Do any of these sound familiar? 

Below is a text version of our infographic. To read the illustrated version, click Download Infographic.

Challenge 1: Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Many organizations are mired in paper-driven manual processes that can significantly reduce efficiencies and increase workloads. By shifting to online processes, you can automate and digitize workflows—everything from data transmissions to billing and payments to managing documents can all be quickly accomplished. And in today’s distributed workforce, online processes provide the flexibility your organization needs.

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Challenge 2: Billing and Payment Complexities

The management of billing and payments can be among the most complicated administrative challenges. Working with multiple employer groups, multiple carriers, and multiple systems can create significant complexities. Our billing and payment software automates billing and payment, providing a single consolidated bill that can be paid with one click. Disbursement is automatically paid to all stakeholders (carrier, brokers, and others).

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Challenge 3: Compliance and Data Security Risks

Benefits administrators deal with highly personal healthcare information. As a result, compliance and regulatory issues are naturally quite stringent. But they can be difficult to manage. And sensitive data delivered via spreadsheets and emails are highly susceptible to compromise. A much more secure approach is a cloud-based platform (SIMON®) that is HiTrust Certified—the highest standard possible.

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Challenge 4: Inferior Data Quality

Manual processes increase your risk for data entry errors. Once entered, these errors undermine your ability to provide accurate product rates, quotes, billing, and 834 transactions. SIMON® automates data formatting, EDI transmissions, and has a built-in accuracy engine to catch data errors before they are entered. It also provides audit trails that capture all changes, notes, and approvals.

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